PS2 memory card transfer

I have a stack of old PS2 games that I started and never finished. I can play the games on my PS3 but what’s the point when I’ll lose all my previous progress? Fortunately, it’s possible to transfer the old game saves from my PS2’s memory card onto the PS3’s hard drive!


Sony’s Memory Card AdaptorThere is no PS2 memory card slot in the PS3 so will need a Memory Card Adaptor. Sony make an official adapter but there are also a number of cheaper alternatives. Buy one online:


  1. Plug your PS2 memory card into the adaptor
  2. Plug the adaptor into a free USB port on your PS3
  3. Go to the “Game” menu in the XMB and choose “Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2)”Screenshot
  4. If the adaptor is working you should see an item called “Memory Card (PS2)”. Below the title should be the size of the card and how much is in use–in my case “1334 KB / 7998 KB”Screenshot
  5. Press the controller’s Triange button to get the Memory Card options. Select “Copy”Screenshot
  6. Select “Yes” to confirm the copy from memory card to the hard driveScreenshot
  7. Enter a name for the new Internal Memory Card that will be created on the hard drive, or leave the default name. I named mine “Original PS2 saves”. Select “OK”Screenshot
  8. The data will be copiedScreenshot. If the amount of saved data is too large, the system will automatically create multiple internal memory cards
  9. You may be informed that the new internal card has been assigned to a “slot”. Screenshot These slots are an emulation of the physical memory card slots in the PS2, so similarly you may only have two internal/virtual cards “plugged in” (assigned) at a time. The internal memory card must be assigned to slot 1 or 2 to be available when you run PS2 games
  10. The new internal memory card should now be showing in the XMB, under Game > Memory Card UtilityScreenshot
  11. Selecting the card will allow you to browse the game saves that were copied across!Screenshot

After my PS2’s card contents had copied to the internal memory card, I was informed that the copy had completed. Interestingly, there was also this message: Copy-protected saved data was not copied. I didn’t notice any of my game saves missing, so is this a general warning? We’d like to hear your experiences.

Copying from PS3 back to PS2 memory card

The Memory Card Adaptor is now available as a destination when copying game saves off Internal Memory Cards–so you can copy off the PS3 back to your PS1/PS2 card.

Some adapters (like no-name brands) do not correctly write to the PS2 memory cards and will corrupt data. A reader has confirmed that the official Sony adapter reads and writes to the PS2 card correctly (see comments below).

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  • Flefliker

    The copy-protected material on ths ps2 memory card is the base memory card firmware and any “.net” connection settings that might have been added for ps2 online/LAN games. I paid attention to these files in particular because they were sensitive data packets containing ip address’s, DHCP, basically data that would allow a hacker full access to my LAN network.

  • Tsl3161991

    can a memory card adaptor be used to save games on? i downloaded legacy of kain soul reaver and it says it isn’t compatable with the internal memory card, so i can’t save games on it and i don’t want to have to either start over every time i play it or keep playing non-stop until i win. i was thinking about buying a memory card adapter, but i don’t want to waste money if all it can do is transfer games from a memory card onto my ps3 and can’t transfer ps1 game downloads onto the memory card.

  • Tomb43

    I am trying to transfer a ps1 save from my ps3 to a ps1 memory card I have it in the adapter but it doesn’t show up when I try to copy it anyone kno what’s wrong?

    • Astro

      I’m having the same problem! It reads my PS2 cards fine but PS1 cards aren’t showing up. I’m using a venom adaptor, dunno if that’s the problem (offical sony ones are like £30!). It’s suppose to read PS1 cards according to the ebay seller but other sites have it listed as only for PS2 cards. I’ll have to go bug the seller…

  • Krd68

    i just bought an adapter and copied my ps2 data over to my ps3. i’ve purchased re4,GOW I and II from the psn and when i load any of these three games i do not see any of my saved ps2 saves in the game… WHY?????

    • Those games from the PS Store are remastered for PS3, right?  Your PS2 save data will only work with “real” PS2 games but PS3s don’t emulate PS2 anymore (Sony removed it years ago).

  • I couldn’t find the comment on how to write back tp PS/2 memory cards, could you please quote it in your post?
    Thanx, i really find this post to be very useful =)

  • Souleaten399

    I did all the above and tried playing the game but it still said, and keeps saying, “no memory on slot 1”. i tried creating a second version of the internal memory card but it still doesnt let me, i assigned it to slot 1, slot 2, im in peril, anyone please help!!

    • Twenty50sl

      I having same problem, could you pass the answer on to me?

      • Twenty50sl

        After creating men card ps 2 and asigning it to slot 1, ps 2 games say no mem card,

  • Pennlope41

    can someone help i have a ps3 i got 1 game downloaded but i cant play it ,guess why i dont have enough memory  ,what can i do please.pennlope

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    trop nul