Internal memory cards

Internal memory cards on the PS3 are used to store Playstation and Playstation 2 data (e.g. PS2 game saves). A PS2 card stores up to 8MB, and a PS1 card up to 120KB.

Because these cards emulate the older Playstation hardware, they have been given a concept of slots. It works in the same way you would plug a physical memory card into a slot on a PS2; now you assign the Internal Memory Card to a virtual slot. A card must be assigned to a slot to be available for use when playing PS/PS2 games.

Create an internal memory card

  1. Go to the “Game” menu and choose Memory Card Utility[Screenshot]
  2. Choose New internal memory card[Screenshot]
  3. Choose which card type of want—Playstation (PS) or Playstation 2 (PS2)[Screenshot]
  4. Enter a new name for the card if you wish (you can always change it later)[Screenshot]
  5. You will be informed that the card must be assigned to a slot to be used[Screenshot]
  6. The new card will now be showing in the menu[Screenshot]

Assign a card to a slot

  1. Find the card you want to assign and go to its options (Triangle controller button)
  2. Choose the Assign Slots option[Screenshot]
  3. Assign it to Slot 1 or Slot 2[Screenshot]. If it’s already assigned you may choose to Remove it here
  4. The memory card will now be shown in the menu with a number next to it (a circled “1” or “2”)[Screenshot]. This allows you to browse the cards you have and see which are currently assigned

Browse card contents

  1. Select the memory card you want to browse
  2. If the card is empty you will get a “There is no saved data” message[Screenshot]
  3. Otherwise you should see the content items, like game save files[Screenshot]. Each file should have a title and show its filesize and modification date. PS2 game saves typically have small 3D models that correspond to the game, like a prince from “We Love Katamari”
  4. Go to the options (Triangle controller button) of an item to Copy or Delete it. You can copy to a new memory card, an existing memory card, or a USB drive

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  • Browsing the new, empty memory card
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  • Julie Bullen07

    Hi, i have downloaded CTR, and then made an internal memory card in slot 2 for ps.
    However when i go into the game it still doesnt let me save it.
    How do i get the game to save to the internal memory?

  • shinjaejin22

    please help!! when i open the virtual memory card slot 1 where i saved my game, it only contain one save file named ps2 classic placeholder. and i think that if i save another game(persona 3 is the only game that i tried), it will only replace the old save data. how do i save my games like the one in your screen shots please i really like to play ps2 games

  • Taemina

    I can save my harvest moon game on my ps3 slim. But when I try to save my suikoden 2 game, no memory card inserted, it said. I’ve made a new internal memory for ps one. Isn’t it strange? Why I can’t save my suikoden 2 game? Or should I move the game from external hdd to internal hdd?

  • Bryant Davenport

    Please help I can’t no use my full 14Gb