Clean up old files

Over time your PS3 will accumulate various files on its hard-drive, mostly from games that you have played but also videos or other media that you may have downloaded. Some games can even require gigabytes for installation!

These files don’t clean themselves up automatically so eventually your console can get cluttered and run out of room. Every now and again it’s worth doing a spring clean!

How much free space do I have?

  1. Go to the Settings menu in the XMB and choose System Settings[Screenshot]
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and choose System information[Screenshot]
  3. The Free space information will show how much space (GBs) is free and the total capacity of the PS3’s hard-disk[Screenshot]
  • XMB settings menu
  • System Settings menu
  • System Information showing ‘Free space’

Remove old game demos

Have you downloaded any game demos from Playstation Store that you don’t play any more?

  1. Go to the Game menu and find the demo you wish to delete[Screenshot]
  2. Press the Triangle button on your controller to show the options[Screenshot]
  3. If you want to see how big the demo file is, choose Information and check the Size field[Screenshot]
  4. Choose Delete from the options and choose Yes to confirm the deletion[Screenshot]
  • XMB Game menu
  • Game demo file’s options
  • Game demo file information
  • Confirm deletion of game demo

Delete game installation files

The “Game Data Utility” stores installation files and patches. Some Blu-ray games install content to the hard-drive. Do not delete anything from here unless you have finished with the associated game.

  1. Go to the Game menu and choose the Game Data Utility feature[Screenshot]
  2. Check for files of games you don’t have or play any more. Press the controller’s Triangle button to bring up the options[Screenshot]
  3. To see the size of the file, go into Information[Screenshot]
  4. To remove it, choose Delete and then Yes to confirm
  • Game menu showing Game Data Utility
  • Options for game installation file
  • Game installation info

Delete media (video/music/photos)

If you ever downloaded videos off the Playstation Store or copied across media like music or photos that you no longer need, you may want to remove them. Here’s an example where I delete a game trailer video:

  1. Go to the Video menu[Screenshot]
  2. Find the file you want to remove, press the controller’s Triangle button to bring up the options[Screenshot]
  3. Choose Delete. You can see the filesize of the video on the confirmation screen. Choose Yes to confirm[Screenshot]
  • Video menu in XMB
  • Video file options
  • Confirm deletion of video file
  • HunterSimGames

    I need to delete GB but its not working.I even deleted some of my MB n KB

  • David

    Having a problem with this because not all games are showing up in my Game Data Utility so I have no way of deleting them to clear up space. I have 47gb left and I just picked up a couple games and am looking to get 1 or 2 more in the next week plus I’m picking up Metro Last Light in 10 days and much more throughout the year. With the new PS3 I don’t know if internal HD’s are available. Can anyone help?

  • NATO

    I have a problem I have a 12gb ps3 and I got GTAV which requires an 8gb installation, I deletes a lot of things including accounts and when I want to play GTA it says I need a to delete 80mb but I don’t know what else to delete help me

  • Jon ‘Jonny’ Preece

    sneaky game data hiding away!

  • tree_lover4-20

    I did this and still only have 11GB of free space, is there a way to defrag a ps3 hard drive or remove hidden and unnecessary files?

  • Moms Mustard

    trying to clean my sons ps3 but get this when we turn it on “The appropriate system storage was not found” any suggestions? I’m ps3 dumb by the way.

    • Unfortunately it sounds like the the hard drive in the PS3 is faulty. It’s possible that the connection (inside the unit) is loose, but more likely it’s worn out.

  • IPASuperior

    Just buy a 500GB hdd guys. They’re not that expensive anymore.

  • Trent Williams

    I have a 12 GB ps3. I now have 5706 MB / 12 GB and i only have bo2 which is only 385 MB. I also have Destiny installation. which is 22 MB. I need help! SOS… -Trent

    • No, Destiny is 22 “GB” which is 2200 MB. It’s criminal that Sony even sell those piddly 12GB PS3s.

      • Danny Liew

        2200 MB is meant 2.2 G….

      • Quite right! Typo. Should say 22GB = 22,000 MB.

  • Gabriel

    I have a 37GB PS3 and I’m deleting a lot of things and now I have 27 GB / 37 GB and there’s pretty much NOTHING else left to delete and I have no clue why there’s 10GB’s missing. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Anybody encounter an issue where they delete videos off their PS3 but no space opens up? I’ve just gone through and deleted about 100GB of video files off my internal HDD yet it’s still showing only 0.11GB free. Reset the console multiple times to see if it had to flush the memory or something and no luck. Tried googling around and found nothing, so if anybody could help that would be much appreciated.

  • Reaper

    i have a 12GB PS3, i have deleted everything, i have done system restore, Format Utility and even deleted everything manually, but it still says i have 9100MB/12GB. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

    • Danny Liew

      U should read info on the box, on the box it already told u actual space for user is 9 GB

  • Ripper


  • Bol Sakman

    My 80 gig PS3 has about 30gigs of games( 5 games..Smash Cars, some sonic game, Saints Row, GT6, Dirt 3) installed, no videos, music, or photos, and it tells me I only have 8800mb..really SONY, 8.8 gigs left..where’s my other 40+ gigs?!? I’ve deleted every game off my drive except those 5, I have some save files but they are only kb’s, not gigs, but somehow, my HD only shows 8.8gigs free. Just pure crap.

  • Duke

    I’m having the same problem.. it says I have 27/37 GB of free space but it won’t let me download GTA 5.. Anybody know what I need to do??? Please Help.. thank you.

  • johannes

    i have 12gb ps3 i dosent care even if i have 12gb ps3 i install and delet many times i should for first time-get the 500GB now its to late cant shop a new ps3 yeye even i install and delet many times i have alot of games. my online id is- johannesnissan98 so add me

    • Olly

      Same problem, I have 11GB though and GTA V is not even 5GB

    • Olly

      Also the same problem with Battlefield 3, BF3 is only 5GB

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