Users, Accounts and Sub Accounts


  • You can have multiple “users” on one PS3
  • Each user has their own:
    • Theme & background settings
    • Save data for PS3 games & software
    • Trophies
    • Friends list & messages (when associated with a Playstation Network account)
  • All users share:
    • Saved data for PS1/PS2 games
    • Games in the Game menu
    • Everything in the Image, Music, and Video menu
  • Not password protected
  • Each user can be associated with one Playstation Network account.

Playstation Network (PSN) Accounts

There are two types of PSN accounts: Master and Sub. Both types have these properties:

  • Password protected
  • Online ID (nickname)
  • Access to online community & Playstation Store
  • Mailbox for sending & receiving messages to other accounts
  • Trophy collection that can be viewed by friends

PSN accounts do not cost anything to create and there is no subscription fee. An account is required to play games online.

Eligibility requirements for master accounts and sub accounts vary depending on the country or region of residence.

For details, read the Terms of Service for your region.

PSN Master Accounts

These are standard accounts. You need to be a certain age (generally 18 or older) to create a master account. With one you can:

  • Use a “Wallet”–add billing information to make purchases on Playstation Store
  • Associate (manage) up to six sub-accounts

PSN Sub Accounts

Sub-accounts (“subordinate accounts”) can be used by anyone, including children/minors. They are assigned to a master account (e.g. of the parent/guardian) therefore a sub account can not be created without an existing master account.

Some games are known to prevent sub-accounts from playing online (offline works fine), despite the user being a reasonable age and having the consent of the parent. If you are creating an account for your child and will allow them to play games online and do not need to control their actions, it would be advised to create a Master account for them.

  • The associated Master Account has the following control (Parental Control Settings) over the Sub Account:
    • Finances
    • Some voice/video chat restrictions

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  • Cashmoney

     my younger brothers account doesnt let him communicate online (psn) on some games(BO2, borderlands 2) there are no parental control restrictions enabled. what is the cause?

    • Joe

       It should allow him to chat via mic if the master account allow it. You may need to go to accessory settings on ps3 to add on mic.

  • Cutiebear830

    i didnt have a guest account before i had a regular playstation network account, but i rebuilt my database and now when i try to play online for black ops 2 it says “guest accounts are restricted from this” what do i do?

    • Joe

       What do you mean by rebuilt your database, you mean you created another account?

  • Average Teen

    Kay so I have this Master account that me and my brother share , and like 2 more sub accounts(1 for me, and 1 for my brother) .
    If I buy a playstation network card for $20 , will it let me put it in MY account? Or will the money of the card be put in the Master account for my brother to also use?

    I want the $20 to be only for my account, is there an option to put the code In for my sub account?

    Pls and thanks.

    • Flame

      I haven’t tried it but you should be able to go onto your Sub-account and redeem the card, which you do on the Playstation Store.

  • Samuel

    I have had an account for years and now I added my little brother and gave him a separate account online and it won’t allow me to play online. It says I can pt play online because I’m a guest. How do I get back to be able to pay online?

  • Basuragabo2

    i need to find out the e-mail and password I used with my PN account I only know the user name

  • Coreywestern1



    i got a email ps3 RAMBLE@HOTFISH.COM OR .CO.UK

  • MyEmail

    thanks a lot mate

  • Deadlysurfer666

    How can you change online services through a master account???

  • Devin Labrie

    i created an account on one user but i tryed a different gmail on a different ps3 user for a friend to play dead space 3 with me and it says his gmail is incorrect how do i fix it so i can play with him?

  • Louise Angela Bowen

    um im 15 and I was having trouble signing in my PSN account, I had a sub account under my dads name, but he’s no longer living with us so we deleted his play station account.

    The only Master account is left is my older brother, is my account under his name or can he help me sign in, if now how can i? Please Help

  • jordan lee mountain

    can u have more than 2 online accounts on a ps3, and if so will it delete the others?

    • Flame

      Each User on your PS3 can have an online account (PSN account).

  • Dmarco

    I’m 18 and my parents are strict they use the play station as a punishment for what I did last year and in January the restriction is set to level 9 I can’t play squat can anyone help me plz.

    • Flame

      Move out of home and buy your own PS3? :P

  • Martech

    I have bought an avatar on my master account on ps3. But i would like to use it on my sub account.Is there any possible way how I can get it frommy main to my sub account? plz help me:)

  • cowdude

    Do I have been playing a game on a system account thinking it wad a psn account. Is there any way to switch the data over to a psn account or do I have to start over?

  • drew1boy

    sony just updated the terms of service thing again and I had to accept them on the master account for my sub account to work. I accepted them on the master account and went back to my account. when I tried to sign in on my sub account it still didn’t let me

  • kareem

    this is really hard for my country

  • carl

    englandmail was my email user but now there gone and all I have is on line name so I cant sign in to ps4 . what can I do , I would leave it but I bought a lot of stuff on psn

    • Flame

      If should be fine if you can remember your password? If you can’t and you can’t access the email account you will need to contact Sony/Playstation in your country and see if they can help.

  • Daniel

    Can a sub account on PS3 use serices available to a master account on the same system? Like for example PS+’s cloud storage function? I know the IGC games can be played by anyone using the system but some games have saves that can’t be copied to other accounts/devices other than cloud.

  • Brian Hunt

    can I use DLC I downloaded on my account on the sub account?

    • Flame

      Usually but not always. You need to check the terms/info of each DLC.

  • Rorosdabomb

    My boyfriend signed into his PSN account under my user. Is there any way I can get his psn off and use mine instead?

    • Flame

      Nope once a PSN account is signed onto a User it is locked. He’s ruined it >_< lol

  • Seddon Wilkinson

    How do i transfer saves to other offline accounts with out “This Save Belongs To Another User” PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fred

    Guys I’m gonna cry I haven’t been able to sign in my psn account in 2 years because it keeps telling me to use the master account in order to accept the terms and conditions since I’m apparently a sub account. My brother is the only person who could be the master account but he has no visible option to edit sub accounts anywhere. There’s no indication that he’s the master account either… Please help!!! In the meantime I made a new user and play on that one but it’s not the same as my old and cherished account. :(