Use your own photo as the XMB background

By default the PS3’s menu system, the Xross Media Bar (XMB), displays very smooth animated waves in the background. However, it’s very easy to select your own picture or photo to use as the background wallpaper instead!

Begin you begin

You will need to have an image file (photo, picture, etc) on your PS3’s hard drive to use as the wallpaper. Copy one across using a USB drive, or try downloading one from the Playstation Store.

Apply picture as new wallpaper

  1. Go to the Photo menu[Screenshot]
  2. Browse and find the image you want to use as the wallpaper[Screenshot]
  3. Open the image to view it
  4. Bring up the options by pressing the controller’s Triangle button
  5. Choose the Set as Wallpaper option[Screenshot]
  6. You will now be able to choose which portion of the picture to use as the wallpaper. It’s kind of like a “crop” tool. Use the controller’s sticks to zoom in and out and move the range box around. Choose Enter when done[Screenshot]
  7. You may be asked to replace a previous wallpaper image that has been used. Select Yes to overwrite (don’t worry, you won’t lose the default XMB animated background)[Screenshot]
  8. Your picture will now be applied![Screenshot]

Restore background to original

  1. Go to the Settings menu and choose Theme settings[Screenshot]
  2. Choose the Background settings[Screenshot]
  3. Choose Original[Screenshot]


  • Folders of pictures in XMB’s Photo menu
  • Browsing pictures within a folder
  • Options for image media
  • Wallpaper crop mode
  • Confirm to overwrite current wallpaper image
  • New wallpaper now applied
  • “Theme settings” under Settings menu
  • Background settings menu option
  • Background options
  • man thx now i can get new backgrounds