Sign up to Playstation Network (PSN)

Although signing up to PSN and creating an account is fairly straightforward, there are numerous steps in the process. Here’s our step-by-step overview guide to creating your first account (a Master Account).

Note: Before you can sign up you may be required to update your system software.

Also the process below may vary depending on your country.

Account sign-up

  1. To begin, go to the “Playstation Network” menu and choose Sign up for Playstation NetworkScreenshot
  2. Now the account creation begins. Since this is our first time signing up, choose Create a new accountScreenshot
  3. This screen explains what information you will need to provide during the process. Choose ContinueScreenshot
  4. Select your country, language and date of birthScreenshot
  5. The terms of service and user agreement / privacy policy will now be shown. Choose AcceptScreenshot
  6. Enter sign-in information: a valid email address (sign-in ID), password, and security question.Screenshot
  7. Enter your desired Online IDScreenshot
    • The online ID will be your publicly viewable username.
    • It is not possible to change your online ID once your account is created.
    • If you continually get the message “The online ID you entered cannot be used” then it may already be in use. Also, there are keywords that are not allowed – for example having “PS3” anywhere in the online ID. For more help, see common problems.
  8. Enter your full name. Choose your gender if you wish (optional)Screenshot
  9. Enter your street address (residential address). Country/region is pre-filled by your selection earlierScreenshot
  10. Notification preferences. Tick any of the boxes if you’d like to receive marketing from Sony and/or affiliatesScreenshot
  11. Review the details you’ve entered, then select ConfirmScreenshot
  12. Account has been created!Screenshot
  13. You may be asked to answer a questionare/survey. Choose Yes or NoScreenshot
  14. Choose an avatar (picture) for your account if you wish. It is easy to change it later at any time.Screenshot
  15. Welcome to Playstation NetworkScreenshot. You can Proceed to Playstation Store if you want. This will prompt you to Sign InScreenshot. Exit the Store to return to the XMB menu.
  16. Now that you have signed up, the Friends menu will have new options like Message Box. You will also be shown here!Screenshot

Start using your account

  • Play online games (e.g. multiplayer modes in LittleBigPlanet or MotorStorm)
  • Use Playstation Store (under Network menu) to download demos and videos and purchase games
  • Experience Sixaxis motion control

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  • Playstation Network sign up welcome screen
  • Playstation Network sign up welcome screen help
  • Starting the sign up process
  • Enter country, language, date of birth
  • Accept terms of service & policies
  • Enter email, password & security question
  • Sign-in ID help screen
  • Password help screen
  • Confirm your email address
  • Enter your desired online ID
  • Online ID help screen
  • Your desired Online ID is available
  • Enter your first name and surname
  • Enter your street address details
  • Option to receive marketing emails from Sony and affiliates
  • Confirmation screen
  • Account created
  • Option to answer a questionare
  • Option to change your PSN avatar
  • Welcome to PSN
  • Sign in with your new PSN account
  • Your account now shows in the Friends menu
  • Curriekarl

    cant login in to my exciting ps3 account it keep saying invalid email address and password

  • Wjhovante

    why does it sayn under maintenaince

  • Frequency

    I have a psp go and I have been trying to create an account for ages now, I sign up but I always get stuck in the username and password section, help, help

  • zman 331

    thanks for the helpfull advice

  • trey

    how do u sign up for psn online?

  • Mcquillan Terry

    why does it say under maintenance

    • Aayush

      add aayush143

  • luke

    umm been trying to sign up for ages and the site is ‘under maintenance’
    what do i do?
    the gamess awaitt! 

  • Xxrchl92xx

    keep trying to sign up but it says the page is under maintenance, why?

  • H Capital

    im having the same problem.. tryin to sign up but the site is down… what to do?!?!?

  • Lcliamcasey 43

    i hav a ps3 n everytime i try to sign up it says an ethernet cable is nt connected wat do i do??…

    • Ross2952365

      you have to have a wifi connection

    • Sly629

      you have to put in an ethernal cored/internet cable into the back.

  • Www Shitday Com

    wtf my fucking ps3 will not let me enter my whole zipcode

  • Eagle Eye1

    man im glad everyone else is having this problem, but seriously you cant select “forgot password” anymore because my sign in wont work, and now you cant create  new account, well i have no idea, but ill guess that all you have to do is go on your psn on your ps3, and create an account on your system, but it asks for a master account, thats where im stuck 😛

  • Anonymous

    Ps3 liVe

  • Daniel Aoalin Hongco

    what do i do to sing up to playstation@network:disqus 

  • Mike4231

    it want let me sign it to my ps3 it just say this service is currently undergoing maintenance so it want let mesign in to my ps3so can you help me

  • thomas

    i have made a master account and its too young so i made an older one in a different user. if i try to sign in on my 2nd account on the first user it wont let me. can i change this

  • Davidmarquez62

    so like i bought me a 160gb ps3.. and it has built in wi-fi, so my question is (if anyone is kind of enough to answer) can use that wi-fi to make an account ? i have internet @ home but not a wi-fi router.?  

    • Flame

      No the inbuilt wifi is so the PS3 can connect to your home network if you have a wifi router.  The PS3 does have an ethernet port though, if that’s any help.

      • Davidmarquez62

        Thank you man, im buying me a wifi router. 

  • Nonsensep83

    I have been waitin to sign up for a psn account for a LONG time now.I don’t want to go xbox because I’ve been a sony fan ever since I bought my first TV.I hear from all my friends that signing into xbox is never a hastle please help me.I’ve boughten a ps3 three games and a psp all in the same day about a year ago.I realllllly wanna get this started.after being told the sites been under maintenence it finally let me sign up.I literally yelled at the top of my lungs I was soooooo happy.but then after I agreed on the terms and whatnot it said the Sony site itself was under maintenence!!! WHAT IS GOING ON!?!? Please I’m never angry or upset at “anything” in my life but this is really starting to get me frustrated. Why does this happen ALL the time with u guys!?!?

  • Cian Cahill741

    I’m really annoyed now,for about 2-3 years I’ve been waiting for my PSN to work.I signed out once by accident,didn’t think much of it until I tried putting in my E-mail and Password again.Then it would constantly say “E-mail address or password is incorrect.”Iv’e been waiting patiently now since then hoping I could get it working.I tried again today,I even made a new account (I’ve probably so far tried 5 new accounts) but no.I’m really pissed off now.I wish there could be some advice given and so it’s so hard finding advice.Maybe I’ll never play online again. >:(

    • Hbees16

      I feel your pain right now, did you ever fix the problem?

  • Sanchez Daisy87

    just created my account it wont let me go in

    • Kieran

      Same but in the end it let me If ur back online add xKieranModz- 

  • El Redo

    Been trying t create an account on PSN. Using the PS#, it keeps timing out. On my computer, it doesn’t load the entire page. WTF is up with PSN? Guess I’ll stick with xBox.

  • Michael

    I have an account but i forgot the e-mail and password, what can i do

    • DabsKING65

      shit pig

    • darren1924

      you can contact sony for help

  • Andrew

    I’m creating a account and this is my first time ever using a playstation 3 and i don’t have a PSN account and i do everything it says im sixteen i put that and when i get to the email and password screen i put them both in correctly but it says there both incorrect what do i do…

    • Liam Jordo

      i have the same problem

  • Port Anchor

    Why does the site INSIST on Billing Information? i am not going to enter a credit card details onto their site, (it says it is “FREE”) but consequently it won’t let me join otherwise?

  • Arun

    wtf is wrong wid psn??????????? i keep tryn to sing in but no matter wat i do,even if i type a 1 digit pw it keeps poppin up an 8 digit wtf??????????

    • Vicky

      same problem wid me?????????? can anyone fix dis problem?????????????

  • Franciarb


  • chiese

    trying to get conneted and it is not working -_-

    • Starjasmine59

      same thing to me its saying i been signed out of the playstation network

      • Kmbpsd

        yu mite have to give it time, either your internet provider is doin maintenance or ur connection % may be low

  • Amber

    I’ve used my PS3 for years. With absolutly no problem at all, Today it logged me out, Being as that would usually be fine, Go in and just log back in, The Email associated with the account is obsolte. And because of this, it isnt letting me in at ALL and to be completely honest. its starting to piss me off.

    If someone would reply with information, That would be super

    • hoi

      same problem, I’ve even sent them an e-mail, of course: no response!?!? freaking me out!

    • ArticSniper_Tx

       that happened to my friend he made a new one its not fixable.

  • Dylan

    great :)

  • Michael

    i changed my password it won’t let me back in.

  • Brown Anthony65

    hey … i am nt fron the states an so i need thress street address an postal code for new your can any1 help mew out here ….. getting trouble there….?

  • Brown Anthony65

    hey … i am from trinidad … an i’m thinkin you need a american address too sign up for this playstation network….. can any1 help me wit ( 3 street address for new york ) ( postal code as well ) or anything … jus need ah lil help at dis point too complete my sign up …..

    • Jesh

      look up on google maps some bullshit address it will say the postol code, etc.. lol

  • Tawanda

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    How can I create my Id as well as account here help me someone

  • Tawanda

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    Hey, I have problems and create a new account on my ps3. When I get to where I should fill in the e-mail and password. when I check my Hotmail on the data as does the password and e-mailn, but when I try on the ps3 as it says it is: The sign-in ID (emailaddress) or password is incorrect. can any1 help me?

    • Aaronxm

      I know

    • Garbojonathan_Astig

      me two…

      so verry hard to create a new account in my psp.
      some body help how to create a new account?

  • Keenan McNab

    How Do yu get the last part finished if yu live in canada

  • Aaronxm


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    It won’t accept my residential address. . .idk what I’m doing wrong

    • Hcrane C1250

      i have the same problem. will somebody please print an example? i live in canada. this shouldn’t be an issue, yet it is. please help