Sign up to Playstation Network (PSN)

Although signing up to PSN and creating an account is fairly straightforward, there are numerous steps in the process. Here’s our step-by-step overview guide to creating your first account (a Master Account).

Note: Before you can sign up you may be required to update your system software.

Also the process below may vary depending on your country.

Account sign-up

  1. To begin, go to the “Playstation Network” menu and choose Sign up for Playstation NetworkScreenshot
  2. Now the account creation begins. Since this is our first time signing up, choose Create a new accountScreenshot
  3. This screen explains what information you will need to provide during the process. Choose ContinueScreenshot
  4. Select your country, language and date of birthScreenshot
  5. The terms of service and user agreement / privacy policy will now be shown. Choose AcceptScreenshot
  6. Enter sign-in information: a valid email address (sign-in ID), password, and security question.Screenshot
  7. Enter your desired Online IDScreenshot
    • The online ID will be your publicly viewable username.
    • It is not possible to change your online ID once your account is created.
    • If you continually get the message “The online ID you entered cannot be used” then it may already be in use. Also, there are keywords that are not allowed – for example having “PS3″ anywhere in the online ID. For more help, see common problems.
  8. Enter your full name. Choose your gender if you wish (optional)Screenshot
  9. Enter your street address (residential address). Country/region is pre-filled by your selection earlierScreenshot
  10. Notification preferences. Tick any of the boxes if you’d like to receive marketing from Sony and/or affiliatesScreenshot
  11. Review the details you’ve entered, then select ConfirmScreenshot
  12. Account has been created!Screenshot
  13. You may be asked to answer a questionare/survey. Choose Yes or NoScreenshot
  14. Choose an avatar (picture) for your account if you wish. It is easy to change it later at any time.Screenshot
  15. Welcome to Playstation NetworkScreenshot. You can Proceed to Playstation Store if you want. This will prompt you to Sign InScreenshot. Exit the Store to return to the XMB menu.
  16. Now that you have signed up, the Friends menu will have new options like Message Box. You will also be shown here!Screenshot

Start using your account

  • Play online games (e.g. multiplayer modes in LittleBigPlanet or MotorStorm)
  • Use Playstation Store (under Network menu) to download demos and videos and purchase games
  • Experience Sixaxis motion control

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  • Playstation Network sign up welcome screen help
  • Starting the sign up process
  • Enter country, language, date of birth
  • Accept terms of service & policies
  • Enter email, password & security question
  • Sign-in ID help screen
  • Password help screen
  • Confirm your email address
  • Enter your desired online ID
  • Online ID help screen
  • Your desired Online ID is available
  • Enter your first name and surname
  • Enter your street address details
  • Option to receive marketing emails from Sony and affiliates
  • Confirmation screen
  • Account created
  • Option to answer a questionare
  • Option to change your PSN avatar
  • Welcome to PSN
  • Sign in with your new PSN account
  • Your account now shows in the Friends menu
  • Anonymous

    updated my ps3 and it didn’t fix it up called ps network had me  up date it with pc USB .
    now it just up dates to 99% let go for a weak and restarted the same,they it  jacked it up im pissed ,please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Egypt1221

    jadariuz i need an new sign-in id account

  • paypoint37793


  • Humza Rasul

    when i make a new psn account for some reson i cant play mw3 or anyother game that has online modei cant play online mode on them

    • Flame

      You’re probably under age. Sub-Accounts are generally restricted from playing online. There are some parental controls but also Playstation Support might have to change it.

      • Midngihtraven_

        i puted it in 1998

      • Boardfan24

        That’s too young you have to be at least 17 to play M-rated games

  • Rovaan Dinho

    When i put my email adress and password it doesn’t go through can anyone tell me y

  • Lothario

    why i cant sing up

  • Ali Lotfi

    I’m in Iran . Why can’t I make an account ?

    • ArticSniper_Tx

       not psn supported

  • AmyRose432

    Is PSN for real? You have to sign in using a PS3! What twisted and warped individual thought of this?! I don’t have a PS3, just a PSP. Can someone validate the PS3 thing,

  • chris

    Trying to sign up to the playstation network and keep getting the message server is timed out or an error has occurred (8002314a).. This has been going on since Thursday 28th june 2012 my PS3 is updated and Im wireless with 100% connection. can anyone help

    • Chase

      That Keeps Happing To My PS3 To!

      • midnightraven

        me too

  • ChaseW

    Ok. So My PS3 Wasn’t Letting Me Sign Into My Usall Account. It Said IP Address Failed. So I Restored My PS3 System. And I Started All Over Again. And It Said The Same Thing Happened All Over Again.So Can SomeBody HELP Me Know What It Means? 

    • Flame

      Sounds like your PS3 is not connected to the internet — you have to set it up for wifi or ethernet.

  • mdnightraven

    my big brother and i was trying to sign up its the latest version he even was connnected but i cant sign up pls help :(

    • XxfrazdogxX

      i have been hacked haw do i change my password without my date of birth

  • Ameentiger

    nice bob add me on ps3 im kidkiller2611



    • Kmbpsd

      you will have to give valid information such as email and d.o.b then psn will send you an email msg with a link that will allow you to change passwords

  • DroppDeadDanii

    bleh so how do iplay battlefield it says im un eligible

  • Geroge

    I still don’t get it but who suppose to get your internet then put it in. and also i tryed that heaps of time

  • hesam1234

    I cant sign up



  • Laura

    i can’t make anymore and it won’t let me cause i have made to many and lost all the passwords and emails i already have an account i can sign in with but i have 0% on trophies on games i don’t even have and i don’t like my name i need help on trying to make another account so it will remember the password and email i do click remember me but it never works my ps3 freezes alot and i really want a new one i am really stressed out about it thanks if anyone whats to add me it’s dollypeg10 

  • H Crane

    why won’t it accept my st. address? i’m going crazy here. please show example

    • Boardfan24

      I’m having the same problem I’ve typed in my adress several times and even used fake addresses but it won’t accept any of them

    • kanibee man

      same here happened

  • darren1924

    i’m trying to get call of duty elite for free on my ps3, it sent me an email to activate it, but i don’t know how to get to it.

    • Devon Hassett

      Just verifie it on ur email

  • Joshua L

    It keeps saying “you can not sign in with another users userID (email address)”, even thought I JUST created the account. How could it be anyone elses? Ive tried on different occasions, what am I to do?

  • Matt

    jst give the id (email address) and password peeple

  • Navinpunchiri

    according to the below screenshots i hav done everything but once i do my internet test its showing username or password is incorrect. And when i click play online in cricekt its showing “sever down”

  • Lukmanissah


  • Lukmanissah

    i would like to sign up ps vita with my pc

  • Abdulahi Ibrahim

    i have ps3 

  • ravasccore

    i wld like to sign up fpr my ps vita with my pc

  • Texangirl811

    It keeps saying the error code (500) please help.

  • Sniper7

    i want to sigh up but i wont let me

  • Swiperthesniper

    stupid sigh up thing wont work

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    its saying my street adress is incorrect

  • Towelboy94

    when I try to create a psn id that is

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    what does it mean when it says my network does not have the correct permission to play online

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    how do i change my sub account to a master account

  • de

    how do i

  • Robb

    mine says that my user id or password is incorrect all of a sudden, but its the same one ive used since i got my ps3?

    • Sujan Patro

      Yeah, same as mine, i was astonished to see………..

  • p3j

    how many months does it give you when you start or is it forever

  • shane

    It keeps saying you must put in a valid address but I am

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    I add a new account but when I had to verify my email I don’t get the email to verify cause some how psn add a dot after .com. I didn’t do it psn did it cause I try a new and the same thing happened? Help please..