Sign up to Playstation Network (PSN)

Although signing up to PSN and creating an account is fairly straightforward, there are numerous steps in the process. Here’s our step-by-step overview guide to creating your first account (a Master Account).

Note: Before you can sign up you may be required to update your system software.

Also the process below may vary depending on your country.

Account sign-up

  1. To begin, go to the “Playstation Network” menu and choose Sign up for Playstation NetworkScreenshot
  2. Now the account creation begins. Since this is our first time signing up, choose Create a new accountScreenshot
  3. This screen explains what information you will need to provide during the process. Choose ContinueScreenshot
  4. Select your country, language and date of birthScreenshot
  5. The terms of service and user agreement / privacy policy will now be shown. Choose AcceptScreenshot
  6. Enter sign-in information: a valid email address (sign-in ID), password, and security question.Screenshot
  7. Enter your desired Online IDScreenshot
    • The online ID will be your publicly viewable username.
    • It is not possible to change your online ID once your account is created.
    • If you continually get the message “The online ID you entered cannot be used” then it may already be in use. Also, there are keywords that are not allowed – for example having “PS3” anywhere in the online ID. For more help, see common problems.
  8. Enter your full name. Choose your gender if you wish (optional)Screenshot
  9. Enter your street address (residential address). Country/region is pre-filled by your selection earlierScreenshot
  10. Notification preferences. Tick any of the boxes if you’d like to receive marketing from Sony and/or affiliatesScreenshot
  11. Review the details you’ve entered, then select ConfirmScreenshot
  12. Account has been created!Screenshot
  13. You may be asked to answer a questionare/survey. Choose Yes or NoScreenshot
  14. Choose an avatar (picture) for your account if you wish. It is easy to change it later at any time.Screenshot
  15. Welcome to Playstation NetworkScreenshot. You can Proceed to Playstation Store if you want. This will prompt you to Sign InScreenshot. Exit the Store to return to the XMB menu.
  16. Now that you have signed up, the Friends menu will have new options like Message Box. You will also be shown here!Screenshot

Start using your account

  • Play online games (e.g. multiplayer modes in LittleBigPlanet or MotorStorm)
  • Use Playstation Store (under Network menu) to download demos and videos and purchase games
  • Experience Sixaxis motion control

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  • Playstation Network sign up welcome screen
  • Playstation Network sign up welcome screen help
  • Starting the sign up process
  • Enter country, language, date of birth
  • Accept terms of service & policies
  • Enter email, password & security question
  • Sign-in ID help screen
  • Password help screen
  • Confirm your email address
  • Enter your desired online ID
  • Online ID help screen
  • Your desired Online ID is available
  • Enter your first name and surname
  • Enter your street address details
  • Option to receive marketing emails from Sony and affiliates
  • Confirmation screen
  • Account created
  • Option to answer a questionare
  • Option to change your PSN avatar
  • Welcome to PSN
  • Sign in with your new PSN account
  • Your account now shows in the Friends menu
  • Zack Barber

    Trying to sign up for PSN, which I’ve had to create a new email address for and when I enter that email to be used and set a password for the account, PSN tells me the ID cannot be used. Won’t say anything besides that, or let me continue. I don’t understand.

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