Playstation Move controller

What is the Move controller?

The Move controller is a very similar idea to Nintendo’s Wii remote, except Sony’s looks more like a flashlight with a ball attached to the end. Like the regular Dualshock controller, the Move controller contains motion sensors so it knows the precise angle it is being held.

The key difference with the Move controller is that it is intended to be used with the Playstation Eye camera. When used with the Eye, the ball on the end of Move controller will light up in various colours. The Eye can track the lit ball and know where you are holding the controller (e.g. high or low) and also your distance (near or far).

  • Playstation Move controller next to Dualshock
  • Playstation Move controller

What buttons does it have?

On the front face is:

  • the Move button–a sort of general purpose, “OK” button
  • Square, Triangle, Cross, and Circle buttons
  • Playstation button–this works the same as on the Dualshock i.e. when in-game it opens the XMB. It is nicely sunk into the controller so would be difficult to press accidentally.

Underneath is a trigger button which feels very comfortable for the index finger. The trigger is not just on/off, but has depth like the triggers on the Dualshock.

On one side of the controller is a Start button, and on the other side is a Select button. These would be difficult to ever accidentally press.

How does it feel?

The controller is quite large, I thought, and may be challenging for young children to hold. However in my hand it is quite comfortable, with all the important buttons in easy reach. It has a nice weight and balance.

The ball is made of squishy rubbery material and seems to be well attached.

  • Playstation Move controller held in hand
  • Playstation Move controller
  • Playstation Move controller squishy ball

Can it be used without the Eye camera?

Yes the Move controller can be used in the XMB menu system without the need for the Playstation Eye camera. Every other use so far seems to need the Eye.

While in the XMB the Square/Triangle/Cross/Circle buttons work as you’d expect. The big Move button acts like the Cross button too. To move around, you hold in the trigger and angle the controller in the direction you want to go–up, down, left or right.

It works well although the sensitivity requires a little practice. Often I found it hard to scroll just one option up or down and would end up overshooting; you just need to be gentle with it ūüėé

How many at the same time?

You can have four Move controllers tracked with the Eye camera. This would allow four people to each use a controller, or for two people holding two controllers each–for example in the Sports Champion game. Each controller’s ball will be lit in a different colour.

How do you charge it?

Fortunately the Move controller can be charged with the same USB cable as the regular controllers. The cable plugs from the PS3 port into the end of the Move controller (opposite end to the rubber ball). A red flashing light on the controller indicates that it is charging; when the light turns off it is fully charged.

  • Karen

    When playing a game, the move controller’s battery gets low, want to change controllers, but, can’t figure out how to without quitting the game completely and starting over. Not cool when you’re in the middle of 18 holes! UGH!

    • Hi Karen. With the PS3 controllers, Move included, you can hold down the Playstation button for a couple of seconds and menu with come up where you can turn off the controller (it’ll still be chargeable even if “off”), and also assign the controller to different “slots”. Hope that helps.

      • Karen

        The thing is, no where in any manual, does it tell you how to do this. It sure doesn’t tell you how to maneuver from one selection to another with the move remote. We’re getting closer to figuring it out, but, it’s really a buncha you know what that you have to spend hours trying to figure it out.

  • Jayben

    how to connect two controller in ps3

    • Two Move controllers? Just press the PS button and turn them both on?

    • Aj8201

      on both con

  • Billyray1722

    hi there can i use my ps3 controller with the eye camera sensor so if i put my console in the cupboard i will be able to still use the controller.

    • The camera cannot see through the cupboard, but the wireless bluetooth in the PS3 controllers would still work. ¬†The bluetooth transmits the button presses and the gyroscope information.

  • bee22

    hi i got these move controllers and when i press the ps button on them while connected to the system with the usb the red lights keep flashing continously and it wont get paired .. what do i do??

    • Hmm that’s a bit weird. ¬†Connected by USB cable they should pair within a few seconds. ¬†It’s not flashing because it’s charging, is it? ¬†Any of the buttons respond?

      • bee22

        nope none of them respond, could it be because i dont have the 3.40 update??(i think i have a 2.7) and also i let it charge for 5 hours so i dont think its because of low batt.

    • Go to Settings from the main menu Accessory Settings and then Calibrate motion controller and pair them right there.

    • Coolio

      Hi! If your PS3 system is before version then it won’t work. You said the version is 3.40 it needs to 3.70 and above not before because it says in the manual of the controller

  • Eram2000

    yo wassup i wanna now how you make the ball light up pls

    • ¬†It is only going to light up in games when the move controller is active and paired(only in games). It doesn’t light up in the menu and you can;t change colors, every single game will give you a different color.

  • how to connect two controller in ps3

  • Jessi Ensley

    i hooked my eye up, and paired up my move controller or so i thought cause the ps button works the x button works and the o button, but when the screen comes up to press start i can mash start all day long and it does nothing so i have no clue what im not doing right!!!? can someone help me!!!

  • Sam

    I Took The Ball Off Anyway Too Put It Back On..?

  • Luisito_2102

    there anyway i can make the move’s sphere light up while is in the XMB screen?

  • Seanolinto

    i calibrate the controller and i go to the game and it doesnt do anything i cant find any answers on the internet any help?

  • Alw-1993

    how to dawnled

  • Danny

    hi i connect my ps move controller to the ps3 and the light stops flashing so that i know that it is paired. However when I disconnect the ps move i can’t turn it back on even though the batteries are fully charged. Anyone help?

  • Frosteechills

    How do use it for netflix or is it not even able? & how do move to different letters when typing.. Example) Internet browsing

  • Techbear11

    Do you need to turn off the lights to use the move controller

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