How to contact PlayStation Support

Phone numbers, email addresses and details for getting in touch with PlayStation Support in your country.

North America

Sony Computer Entertainment America
Phone: 800-345-7669 (800-345-SONY)
M-SAT 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. PST
Sunday 7:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m
Online contact form


PlayStation Customer Service
Phone: 1300 365 911 (cost of a local call)
Hours: Mon to Fri 08:00 – 20:00, Sat 10:00 – 18:00 AEST
PO BOX 2033
Hornsby Northgate
NSW 1635

Hong Kong

Online contact form: English form, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified


株式会社ソニー・コンピュータエンタテインメント インフォメーションセンター
TEL 0570-000-929(PHS、一部のIP電話の場合 03-3475-7444) 受付時間 10:00~18:00
Sony Computer Information Center
TEL 0570-000-929 (PHS, in some cases IP phone 03-3475-7444) Hours 10:00 to 18:00


Cyber customer service (사이버 고객센터) / support


No support?

New Zealand

PlayStation Support Centre
Phone: 09 415 2447
Hours: Mon to Fri 09.00 – 17.00
Unit A, 5-7 Paul Matthews Road


Online contact form


No Playstation-specific support?
Sony Thai contact form (“ติดต่อเรา”): English, Thai ไทย


Online contact form (“你可以用下面的聯絡表單留訊息給我們。”): Chinese Traditional

United Kingdom

08447 36 05 951 (previously it was 08705 99 88 77)
Consumer Services
Sony Computer Entertainment UK
PO BOX 2047
London W1A 5HY

  • Nathan_imily

    I put 50 euro`s on my acc , then it said that another user has signed in!! and i try to go back on my acc , and it wont work . PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

  • Mschreiber5150

    My profile will not connect to PSN but I can connect to the internet, however I have two other profiles on the PS3 that will sign in to PSN. The message I recieve when trying to sign in is PSN is under maintance then a code which is 8002A203. I found a page that has codes and the meaning of them, but the code I’m recieveing is not listed. (Go figure!! DAMN IT!!!!) Please someone get back with me ASAP! I am unable to play BLACK OPPS 2 and I’m FREAKIN OUT MAN!!!!!

    • Dazyks1

      did u get any help coz the same happend to me

      • Luanne Clayton

        No…we rung yesterday twice and they kept saying it’s down for “maintainance”  and they’re not there today.  My son is getting very anxious,  he’s worried he’s going to lose all his trophies (First world problem I know).  Can anyone Please HELP!

    • Luanne Clayton

      We are in New Zealand and still can’t get on either…is yours working now?

    • CocoCrispy1337

      I feel your pain am having the exact same problems my advice would be to call SONY (800)-345-SONY (7669)

  • Cdvats

    yip in NZ WTF!!!!!! have 2 accounts plus my daughters and we cant sign in???? Keeps saying under going maintenance but the other three accounts on both of our playstations are absolutely fine PLEEEEEEASE what the hell is going on??? Do we REALLY have to go back to XBox??????
    DARK ANGEL!!!!! GIRL ANGEL!!!!!!

  • Ynuidarkangel

    Help!!!! This is bullshit!!!!! Some can sign in and some can’t on the same fricken playstation

  • Cleves38

    I keep getting the trophy error 80022d11 how do I fix it without losing anything

  • justinrocks1122

    i dont know what to do when hacked

  • Rickyusher21

    cant get online at all saying ive been permantly banned wtf not letting me play any games need help 

  • Brookehellenhurst

    I got de ranked and I was bloody LEGIT  psn is supposed to be good

    • DekGT5mad

      some ppl probably didn’t like your swearing, if you were using a mic especially. I don’t necessarily agree with the punishment,perhaps a warning first,unless it was for starting or passing on those messages to “send this message to 55 friends,blah,blah,you’ll get $55 in your psn account,blah,blah”,which is just a way for hackers to block up the servers to try to hack them,just remember that anyone in any room can be any age,and can be any profession, i.e. police,their kids,judges kids,and would lodge grief reports immediately. remember psn is FREE!

  • isaac

    trying to play online with my masters account but its saying something about parenatal restrection need help!!!!

  • naithen

    i bought escalation for black ops 1 and downloaded it and installed it but i cant find it plzzz help

  • Randoomer123 (psn)

    I forgot my password an e-mail has been canceled my ps3 broke meaning I need a new one any way you guys can help

  • Dannyjcorbett00

    i think i was hacked what do i press?

  • daniel

    i think i was hacked what do i press when calling in america

  • B_book77

    how come i can only play black ops 2 online when ever one of my friends are online i cant just go in to a game and play i have to wait to get in a game please help me it just keeps saying searching for players and nothing happends

  • Mcwildcat

    im ready to kick ps1 2 3 and 4 to the dump or scrap yard idc i spend over 130 bucks for black ops 2 and map pack and bluetooth just so i can play one game with my son and him or i cant get on some network they have going how can one game cost so much and then we cant play it i think every one who has a issue with them should sue for their money back and maybe they will fix it this is bull maybe ill buy xbox which i cant stand but they dont have issues everyone whos anyone is on and playing error codes come up on ps3 like 80230282 what the hell is that code for u dont know and we are not going to tell u what that means

    • Mile_Shooter

      I’m with u on this I’m having pretty much the same problem iv spent heaps to play one game and getting a stupid error code 80029563. PSN should study everything before putting it out there so nobody has this problem again I’ve spent to much money on a stupid thing like this…….

  • Shanewba

    i have just purchased £15.99 worth of fifa points on fifa 13, but have not received them, although you have taken the money from my bank, where are they, or how can I find where they are. I have never had a problem before.

  • Mile_Shooter

    Starting to get over my Black ops 2 DLC map pack….. I’ve downloaded it 3 times now witch is bad for me because I have a limit on my Internet of 2 gigs so I’m on my 3rd recharge now witch has cost me $87 + $20.90 for the map pack and now PSN is saying don’t (Backround Download) and delete your previous update for black ops 2 on your ps3 I’m start to get pissed off im not downloading it again till I know it will actually work this time……… I better get my money’s worth out of this or u can say good bye to a PSN user

  • Adrian Harding

    My name is mafiakilla16 and u forgot my password on the ps3

  • Sean

    Hi everyone I play on ps3 a lot the otherday there was aplayer on. Call of duty Blackops. Well there was this guy who was in the say Lobby idid not know him but hetold everyone his gonna “hack there accounts!” Ididnt believe him he already hacked 5 accounts because he messaged me idont know why. He would hack me then he messaged again askin if iwant 15th or whatever ilove to. Play ps3 a lot I’m 16 igot disabilitys Iwont speak to people idontknow, or when ispeak iwont look at them, I’m afriendly guy ( don’t have friends to play out with ) and that was the only account iloved playing on the hackers name is King_Kashem_Ali ( my previous account is iSeaNZz666) the email to my previous account is can you please ban this guy and contact me at my new email address please? thansk guys also if anyone would like to play some games iwould appreciate it :-) my new account is Deizoul34 I have been on ps3 for 4yrs now :) okay everyone thanks bye

  • Wayne

    Phoning the number and being left hanging…..does anyone actually ever pick up? Typical crap service from a global giant….fuming as looking to get my password so can buy map packs, unbelievable! NOT HAPPY AT ALL

  • TatsukageX2

    i have a question? psn gave me 10 dollars and i added another 10 recently if i spent 10 in ps store from the 20, 10 dollars will stay but the question is the 10 will go after the expiring date or stay with me? PLZ ANSWER

  • cmackingston


    wouldn’t let me sign in with out the latest update so I down loaded the latest update, and went to install. i have had nothing but software update install page and errors ever since, i cant even download it again, it automatically wants to install that update. called ps3 support and was told 99$ will fix the problem. on my credit card. otherwise they wont deal with me. then they hung up on me because they couldn’t answer my questions. it was their update that wont let me use my product, it should be their problem, So why should i pay to fix it?. I’ve been 1 week so far with no solution so far.

    I just made second call to tech support they are going to fix the problem. sending a prepaid shipping box for me to send it to their authorized repair center for this area. I thought I was going to lose it the first time….. now everything is groovy. Thank you to the call center for getting my problem taken care of. Don’t know her name but she was awesome for taking my problem seriously and working out a solution for me. koodo’s

  • bishop

    My account has benen banned or temporarily suspended how long will I be banned

  • Crazedgamer

    None of my playstation plus codes work. Any suggestions

  • kyle

    my playstation sayin it cannot read software any clues

  • Furious ps3 player

    I bout the season pass for bo2 and then u banned my account/suspended it and if i dont get my account back i demand a full refund or i will sue because u didnt even tell me why it is suspended and i left an email

  • Jordan

    Why don’t they anouce when play station is inder going maintenance on ps3 with out having to go to the Internet all the time and check should tell you before and can’t sign in is a load of crap

  • joe

    wut up wit dns codes

  • timothy

    ok i got a new ps3 and i forget my email and sony said they wont help iam going to call one more time try to get help if not going to have to sue because the wont refund my money back i spent over 600 on the ps3 store

  • wi999

    Where is Indonesia?

  • daniel

    where is norway?

  • Richard Centeno

    My ps3 got hack an it won’t let me play my game

  • Ciaran


  • shaun

    My account got got hacked

  • shaun

    What do I do

  • TVippy

    Pathetic shit company. Purest shite.

  • keisha bby

    i restored my ps3 still loading really slow freezes when i sign into PSN. do i need a new hard drive? i have ps3 slim

    • XxEpic_Gamer-xX-

      You should reset you ps3 I grantee you it workedfor me if you have facebook pm me ‘souhail el banziqui’

  • keisha bby

    i fully restored my ps3

    i restored my ps3 still loading really slow freezes when i sign into PSN. do i need a new hard drive? i have ps3 slim

  • royelrana


    am jibreel from Bahrain and i have three shop here. I make deal for
    PLAYSTATION. Some times i bring goods from UAE but always i cant go. In
    Bahrain have playstation agent that name AL SHARAF. This shop sale to
    everybody but when i go to him then he do not sale to me.

    So, Sir, i request to you.

    If you contact with AL SHARAF about it then i will greatfull to you.



  • girls987

    help please someone used my account and got me banned i am from usa but have family in uk and cant get ahold of them