How to contact PlayStation Support

Phone numbers, email addresses and details for getting in touch with PlayStation Support in your country.

North America

Sony Computer Entertainment America
Phone: 800-345-7669 (800-345-SONY)
M-SAT 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. PST
Sunday 7:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m
Online contact form


PlayStation Customer Service
Phone: 1300 365 911 (cost of a local call)
Hours: Mon to Fri 08:00 – 20:00, Sat 10:00 – 18:00 AEST
PO BOX 2033
Hornsby Northgate
NSW 1635

Hong Kong

Online contact form: English form, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified


株式会社ソニー・コンピュータエンタテインメント インフォメーションセンター
TEL 0570-000-929(PHS、一部のIP電話の場合 03-3475-7444) 受付時間 10:00~18:00
Sony Computer Information Center
TEL 0570-000-929 (PHS, in some cases IP phone 03-3475-7444) Hours 10:00 to 18:00


Cyber customer service (사이버 고객센터) / support


No support?

New Zealand

PlayStation Support Centre
Phone: 09 415 2447
Hours: Mon to Fri 09.00 – 17.00
Unit A, 5-7 Paul Matthews Road


Online contact form


No Playstation-specific support?
Sony Thai contact form (“ติดต่อเรา”): English, Thai ไทย


Online contact form (“你可以用下面的聯絡表單留訊息給我們。”): Chinese Traditional

United Kingdom

08447 36 05 951 (previously it was 08705 99 88 77)
Consumer Services
Sony Computer Entertainment UK
PO BOX 2047
London W1A 5HY

  • Joaquim Tiago


    I live in Angola and it´s too expencive to return an item, so i bought a new PS4 and never used so when turned on, the blue light only blinking and do not display anything on TV screen, after many attemps instructed but not working.
    Plse can somebody help me?


    u giv numbers n times to call but no1 answer i av a problem with a game that add to download but can not use game wankers

    • This information is 6 years old, so I suggest you visit the Sony/Playstation website to find the current phone number for your country.

  • brandon

    when gta doesnt work cuz my ps3 disc drive broke i wanted to transferr the game into a psn game from the ps store how do i do that i dont want to have to pay $60.00 to buy it please help me

    • You won’t be able to because they’re considered two separate products.

  • Tuffgong

    Hi, I bought a ps3 in Europe and since march I live in Mexico. Brought my ps3 slim, connected it to my samsung smart led tv and everything worked fine. I even borowed games from Mexican friends and all
    Worked fine.
    However recently I bought a second hand game (max payne 3) and when I put the game in the console it gave me the 80010017 error.

    Checking forums to solve theproblem,they mensioned to do a system reset (after making a backup).
    So I scrolled through my ps3 menu and did the reset. However during or after the proces my tv gave me a black screen saying ‘mode not supported’ change the resolution on your external device.

    Checking forums againto solve my problem they mentioned to reboot the ps3 bypressing and holding the power button. When the ps3 will reboot it will change te resolution and it will work fine…a lot of people cheered this solution but when i followed the steps, rebooted the ps3 a few times it still give me this error and I can’t even see the ps3 menu to do some changes.

    I DID change the hdmi cable and other devices DO work on the hdmi gate of the tv, so its not the cable nor the gate…

    please some suggestions

    • Hmm not sure, mate.
      I used to do the reset video settings thing years ago and it would work. It could be your TV does not support whatever it is resetting into. Maybe you can get hold of an older TV to get the settings right.

  • Scott Tischhauser

    Long consumer of Sony products and Playstation, along with PSN services. Have been experiencing ridiculous issues with the PSN service, i.e. log in, and consistently logging off and on at its own will. And another bit of trouble been experiencing is running the game GT6, the PS3 fan boots to the highest setting, upon start up. Secondly the only found solution to such over use of fan speed is to format the whole PS3 system and to reboot. And as of yet still cant play such game title without fan starting up soon after formatting the system, Very distraught, and frustrating situation seeing how this is the first time ever dealing with any troubles with the Playstation services and products, along with first ever complaint ever posted by me. P.S. It may be wise to have an email support contact info. so deal with comments, and support.

    • I hear ya, mate. This isn’t an official Sony site though. Sounds like your PS3 is overheating? Is it full of dust by any chance?

  • Dramaticb0y

    Playstation can i plz ask u to hurry up and putt some real time strategy games for my sunday morning on playstation store.
    I want to build up a stronghold and economics.
    Build up a army and then flank and surprise my enemy’s so i can conquer lands and mine for gold.
    On playstation 3 we didnt get muts different RTS games :((
    I realy hope u guys read this and make me happy!!!

  • pod

    Ps4 stuck in safe mode , keeps saying checking system storage, goes up to 76 percent then knocks of and dose the same again and again

  • Thomas

    I have Gran Torismo 3 Ialso have 1and 2 Ienjoy the 1 and 2 but I can’t get 3 TO operate it says I’m I NEED 15 MB

  • i want my 20$ back

    i just downloaded borderlands 2 & it says eror i want my 20$ back

  • dylan boyce

    I am abe to log into my account because it is set on auto sign in but I don’t know my password or my dath of birth and really need help for login in on other devices and other websutes any1

  • Jake

    Please update the browser on the ps3, Facebook and other sites are not working. this is a real problem for me.

  • dirksprite

    I am tired of getting signed out all the time so sony please fix the problem or I will get rid of my ps3 and never buy another.

  • MirrorGlass

    To Sony Playstation
    From PS3 players

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am but one of the users of your gaming console Playstation 3. As a result of the new launch of the PS4, it seems that many rumors about closing down the PS3 systems and games have been circling around the internet. I would like to clear up some doubts and misunderstandings for the rest of us gamers.

    Firstly we would like to know if Playstation Home is shutting down to accomodate to the new software Neotopia in the PS4. Many users have been discussing this, feeling a strong sense of disappointment and unfairness as they have spent much money on the virtual items in the game. Its unfair to take them all away just like that and shut down the system, especially if it means not seeing your online friends in the game again.

    Secondly, I would like to personally address one tiny problem. It seems that the servers in Japan and HK has been unfair to us users in the PSHome. We have longed to have what the users in Playstation Home US and EU enjoyed. As I said earlier, its really not fair for us. We hope to have our fair share of the game. However if updating the servers are not possible, please at least allow us to port over our accounts to the EU Aand US servers.

    Thirdly, the games available in the Playstation Store have causes quite an uproar. Let me take Fat Princess as an example. It is a popular game online, played by many people and loved by all those who play it. But the saddening thing about it is that rumours about it being not available on the PS4 has been circulating. As a result, forums in the internet have been discussing about it.

    “Bring back FP.”
    “Sony should make it available on the PS4.”

    Why not?

    Why not indeed.
    We’re perfectly aware that Titan Studios is no more. However we feel that Fat Princess should be available in the PS4 to support the game “Playstation All-stars Battle Royale”. Another famous game with the Fat Princess on Front. Users who play the game should be allowed to play the Original FP game on the PS4 to fully understand the game’s history and background, and to have a little fun themselves. We feel that this should apply to all games in the store, under a category called “PS3 Classics” to keep the games alive in the PS4.

    Lastly I would like to mention that all of us wish that Sony would kindly find their ways to mend these little problems. And, if these problems reach a stage where they are not fixable, we can only murmur “R.i.P” to the games.

    We know that the gaming companies spent time, money and effort devoping these softwares. Even though we aren’t the start of these games, we refuse to see the end of them.

    Yours Sincerely,
    PS3 fans

  • Jamie_Rennie1997

    Hi PSN, When Can I Have My Jamie_Rennie1997 Account Back Because I Haven’t Done Nothing And It’s The 2ND Time Now And Here Are Some Sercurity Question: Haven’s Entertainment Show – FunStars Go Live And Date Of Birth: 25/02/1980 – Friends: goldenleafgragon, ii-_-Dylan-_-iii, M3nt4lrabb1t, I Want It Back. E-Mail Me At Thank You – ID: Jamie_Rennie1997

    • Hey mate, this is a public site — don’t post your security stuff and birth date! I’ve edited the comment for you. You’ll have to contact Sony about your situation.

  • Damante

    The hackers are somewhere in UK I found out threw the I.p address share this if u see this Email Sony and tell them

  • jblev9796

    Bought the Destiny Digital Guardian Edition for PS3 yesterday from Amazon and I cannot use it even though the online gaming part of PSN has been restored. The PSN store is still offline and I have no way to enter my code or contact PSN support w/o waiting on the phone for the next few hours. I get that they are still trying to clean up a mess, but at the same time I paid for a game that is going to take a long time to download to my console.

  • willow

    sick of psn bought two 20$ cards strached off codes went right through now cards are useless stupid morons make better cards.

  • Biff

    My ps3 is messed up

  • Atom-RTM

    Hey Sony. I got my Console ID Banned when i was playing Advanced Warfare? I dont have a jailbroken ps3 or anything modded with it, Its on OFW 4.66. Can u please fix this or i will never be able to play online again?

  • EvoluZionZ_098

    Hello Sony, my I’d account has been banned in the middle of a game of Fifa! I want to know the reason why, and for how long! I’m furious!

  • Robert Wilson

    I having problems updating my ps3 I unplugged it for 30 sec and try 5 times to update. Need help to figure out why its not working, it was working fine up until the new update on March 10 2015. Can u plz help. Thank you

  • dylan hupping

    Sony can you please help fix my PS3 it keeps freezing after every game I have done all the options you have given me and it has not fixed the problem this problem has being going on for 1 month can you please fix it

  • Antonio Buatava

    Hi SONY just asking why PSN is not available in fiji please put fiji on psn so i could buy games from ps store through mobile phone.I am on the Ps4 and my online ID is Rivendell702 and my home name on the ps4 is MANIX KIDOZ Please respond back for any questions and answers thanks.

  • kenny

    Why is my game icon not showing up

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  • Matthew Magrin

    Hi I have just bought a second hand PS3 I won’t to make an account and it is saying that there has been to many accounts made on this PS3 please help

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