Create a new user

Here are the easy step-by-step instructions:

  1. Go to the Users menu in the XMB (Cross Media Bar)[Screenshot]
  2. Choose Create New User
  3. Enter a name for the user and then choose OK[Screenshot]
  4. The new user will now be shown in the menu, ready for use![Screenshot]


  • Users menu in XMB
  • Enter a name for the new user
  • New user now showing in XMB

See also

  • Tomas Beng1

    i dont now why to me not working my email adress

  • Andrewlynch007

    new user1

  • Amy L Floyd

    how do you create a new email and password for playstation 3 to login to internet?

  • Gracestewner

    my brother dosent want my moms avatar and he is trying to make a
     sub account but my mom and him dont know how tryign to figure it out

  • josh

    is there a way to keep someone from making a new user account?

    • I don’t think you can restrict it.

  • Morgan

    i know how do that part how do i get an online name so i can play MW3 with my boyfriend ?

  • Shalz2011

    How Do You Start Making A PS3 Profile Name From The Computer?

  • dilegull


  • Samanthafontenot79

    My ps3 wont let me make a nother user what do i di

  • Gixxerjody

    I have created a new sub account in the Sony Entertainment Network and created a new user with the same name.  When I try to play online it tells me I need to sign up for sony entertainment network.  what did I do wrong?

    • The User’s name is not associated with a PSN account in any way.  Go into the User, go to “sign up for Playstation Network” but then choose “I already have an account” and enter the sub account details.

      • Gixxerjody

        On the ps3 or pc?

      • Do that on your PS3 🙂

      • Gixxerjody

        in the “account management” under Play station network on the PS3?

      • No, go to the “Playstation Network” menu and choose “Sign up for Playstation Network” ( )

        Once that opens you should find the option for “Use existing account details” or similar, then log in with your sub account email and password.

  • Raymond Wardropper

    can u help me my kid was messing bout earlier  on and deleted myemail passwo and i cant mind it for liife a me.when i click on forgotten  password they say they will send link to email adresss but cant  mind it as well dont want to lose all my data by setting up new email adresss as i spend a fortune ontigerwoods  download s

  • Cam-222

    Where i can make a PS 3 Acount??? 

  • Guest

    I need help, i have a master account,m but it wont let me play online, and i dont have a sub account.

  • Henk22

    if you make a new user-account, and you want to sign in for PSN can you use the same Email and password as your first user-account?

    • You can only use a PSN Account once per PS3. If you have a second User you can sign up for another PSN Account but you need a different email address (email address is unique per PSN Account).

  • I’m trying to login to my friends ps3 with my psn account. I’ve setup a new user, selected SIGN UP, selected USE AN EXISTING ACCOUNT, at this point it asks for my username and password, then says ‘you will now be sent a link to reset your password’ not what I wanted. Have tried resetting password, going through the above again, same thing! Is it possible to login to my account? And anyone know how to do it??

    Thank you

  • Natasha

    If I create a new user account, will it erase all my saved games and data on my old user?

  • rudy torres

    every time I tried to create a new user I am told to use a new email these directions above don’t work!

  • John

    I have my psn password auto saved on my ps3 an I can’t remember it if I creat another user and another PSN account then later go back on my original user will my pssword still be auto saved or will I have to log in because I’m afraid to get locked out please help

    • It should be fine. If you don’t fiddle with the account details of User 1 then it should remain auto-saved.

  • Haider Ali

    any body help me i want to create an account of ps3 please help me

  • Rodney

    I am trying to create another user (profile) for PS3, I bought a game for my son, Heros over Europe, and I want to play it on my own profile, This is my first PS3, on my PS2 it was as simple as inserting another memory card…When I go to create new user, I fill in the name, but I don’t see where or how to save it… Would I have to buy a separate storage device or am I missing something? Pleas Help….

    • Creating a User isn’t hard – did you follow the instructions in this article?

      Unless you are trying to create an online PSN account? You probably should read through this and the related articles linked beneath

      • Rodney

        Thanks Flame, Instructions are everything, Got it done within minutes of my initial post, what a fool…

      • Excellent. Have fun!

  • Kenneth

    I put in my address but it says it’s not valid please tell me whats wrong

  • Justin Dickerson

    I don’t know what my address id email username.don’t know any of the information on my ps3 I do I start with new information or account please help.

  • Spencer23

    How do i transfer trophies from another account to this one?

  • Ace

    how do i transfer trophies from one account account to another account ??????????

    • It’s not possible. The trophies are associated with one console User and one PSN account.

  • trano

    my son created a new username for his brother but in the process his username has disappaered? how can i retrieve it?

  • Jaedoolity

    I cannot manage to get the PS3 to accept my acct pswd and when it says it’s emailing me info but no email comes through

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