Common problems with PSN

Online ID can not be used

The phrase “The online ID you entered cannot be used” is very common when you are trying to sign up for a Playstation Network account. It may be because the ID you want does not meet the rules or simply that it is already taken by someone else.

You will need to choose another ID. Suggestions:

  • Try adding numbers e.g. billy888
  • Try adding hyphens (-) or underscores (_) e.g. billy_the-kid
  • Does your ID contain words? Some words/terms are not allowed e.g. “PS3″

Accept the terms/agreement/policy using the Master Account

Sometimes the Playstation Network terms of service/conditions/user agreement/privacy policy will change and you will be required to accept the changes. On a Master Account (see differences between master and sub accounts), when you next log in, you automatically get prompted to read and accept the new terms.

However on a Sub Account it’s different because it is supervised by a Master Account. Before a Sub Account can go online it will be told to accept the new terms using the associated Master Account. You will need to first log in to the Master Account and accept the terms, which then allows the Sub Account to log in.

All Sub Accounts have an associated Master Account. If you no longer know the Master details, you will need to contact Playstation support and ask for help tracking down the Master details. If you do know the Master details but the account is no longer on your PS3, you can try logging in to the Playstation Store using your computer’s browser.

Profile name

The online ID (profile name) that you choose when signing up for a Playstation Network account gets locked in. There is no facility to edit/change the ID. So pick one you are not going to regret ;)

Profile avatar

It’s possible to change your PSN avatar, but the images are restricted to those provided by Sony. It’s not currently possible to use your own image; we assume this is to prevent “improper” avatars.

Parental control restrictions

We’re putting together information about this. Check the below for comments from users with this problem.

Country not available when signing up

If your country is not available as an option when signing up to Playstation Network (see list of supported countries) then you are out of luck. However, if you are willing to go against the terms and conditions–which tell you not to provide incorrect details–then it is possible to sign up using details that are valid for another country (e.g. United States). Search online to find more information.

Communication with the server

In April 2011 Sony disabled PSN services to investigate an attack. During the outage you may not be able to sign into PSN, play online, or create accounts. The most common error codes were:


Sometimes you may get these errors:

An error occurred during communication with the server.
This is a DNS error.

An error occurred during communication with the server.
This is a DNS error.

(Signing into PSN account)

An error occurred during communication with the server.
This is a DNS error.

An error occurred during the download operation.

(Downloading from PS Store)

It seems to only happen occasionally and most likely due to the PSN servers having some temporary glitches. Try again, but if the problem persists you may need to come back later.

  • rich


  • Jr

    Sometimes when i go on the PSN it takes me off and i have everything setup correctly why?

    • Yoshi Oreo

      Did you disable the media server? It’s under Settings, then Network Settings, very bottom ‘Media Server Connection’. That may be the problem.

  • judgeraye

    Mike, you wrote this entry as if there was some explanation or text that followed. there wasnt. what was the solution?
    Mike • July 14th, 2008 at 9:04 pm

    I dont want to wait either so I thought i’d get this information for you guys. Thought it would save you all time since I have a lot on my hand. Good day everyone :) Be sure to post ur tags once you have it fully set up

  • billy

    do you need wireless broadband to have play station network?????

  • Flame

    billy: Your PS3 needs to be connected to the internet but you don’t specifically need wireless broadband. For example, I connect my PS3 with an ethernet cable to my ADSL modem.

  • Q

    How do you recover your online ID on a different ps3? Is there any way to put your profile + ID onto a memory stick and use it on different systems? This would be great as I have 2 ps3s and would like to use the same ID on both. Thanks.

    • harry

      you just need to use the email and password for the id .

      • http://boomboom sad sad cuz my account don’t work

        yes that right u need to use online id and password but they say to me u cannot use psn account error 8002A231

  • benni

    always says i don’t meet the elegibility requirements and tries to get me to make a master account HELP! please

  • michael

    My country is not listed as official country, so I opened a US account. Using a US account I can also make use of the free (Voucher) Multiplayer Map, because the game I bought is a US one. SInce my country is much closer to Singapore, does it make sense (connection speed, lag etc) for the Multiplayer (e.g. CoD4) to create a Singapore one ? Thank you !

  • Flame

    Q: Your PSN account profiles are stored on Sony’s servers so you can’t copy them. You can however just log into an existing PSN account on another PS3. Create a new user on it, then “Sign up for Playstation Network” but choose “Use an existing account”.

    michael: You may have to search around for more information. I am not sure if Singapore even has COD4 servers. I play in Australia and the lag is not too bad, but I certainly notice the improvement when playing on local servers.

    • pauly

      my accounts gone what can i do ive tried signing in my old name doesent wrk

  • SeiN

    hey flame, thanks again for the help last time, so far things are going smoothly with the ps3.. but i got one little problem.. my psn doesn’t have a video’s and movies icon added to the store. is it out yet or is there something wrong with my psn store?

  • Flame

    SeiN: Are you in the US? The PS Store Movies service is currently only available to people physically in the US (it’s restricted by IP address). An announcement from Leipzig indicated that PAL territories might not see it until at least Q3 2009.

    • Darren

      how do i unban my ps3

  • AbOoOoD


    I have the same problem

  • grayfox

    i live in malaysia and proud to be a malaysian.. i owned a ps3 and would really like to be part of the network like everyone else in the world, but one thing though i just dont get it and really think is just not fair that singapore, thailand even taiwan( no offense you guys) gets on the list(countries supported by PSN) but not MALAYSIA.. we are neighbours for god sake!! this is like racist among country.. it really piss me off man!!!

  • ady

    i lost all my internet then went back on to ps3 and all my friends had gone and i carnt get bak on the psn and when i try sign up again it says error and a code in brackets beeen doin this for a few days help please

    • Aiden

      yo dude i cant help says to many psn accounts i have none wtf!! is going on

  • http://-none- Charlie

    I have both an Xbox 360 and a PS3. My only disappointment with the PS3 is that I can not seem to sign in multiple accounts like I can on the Xbox. I have created multiple accounts but can only sign in one regardless how many controllers are turned on. Is there anyway to sign in 2 people at the same time? I recently purchased Buzz (TV Quiz Show) and I would love the ability to log in as easy as Scene It on the Xbox. It would also help with Gran Turismo, my cars, my money, but everybody who turns the game on has access. Also my shooters, Call of Duty / Rainbow Six, anyone that turns on the game has access to my players. Either I’m doing something wrong or this needs to be fixed. Please, someone tell me that there is a solution to this problem????

  • harry

    im having the same issues with the signed out also sometimes it doesnt update my freinds list to let me know whos online , and many times it doesnt load the avatars and theres no info on when my freinds signed in last , problem is recent .any 1 else getting this ?
    ppl having problems with signing up with their name should type random stuff like
    it only took me 3 trys to get it .

  • Dee


  • harry uk

    if i remeember correctly the terms and conditons page you have to press the arrow key pointing right that will take you to the end of terms and conds and only then can you tick the accept box . hope this helps dee

  • Jeff

    yo watz up. ok so the deal is I enter my street address mind you i live in the country and i only have one and it says that i have to enter a real one or wat ever. so what do i do? Can you tell me a generl outline of the address? Please i would apreciate it alot!

  • kyr11

    man i have a problem…i go to sign up for PSN but when i write e-mail adress and password PS3 says that one of the two is incorrect…i tried at my friend’s ps3 and it worked…:S wtf???plz tell me why….

    • kalle

      Well figured it out, you must be 18 years old to do it :P just make a account where u “are” 18 years old

  • leion

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me when i m trying to sign in it says u cannot use playstation network with this account i cant even make a new user i have 5 users non are working help plz

  • Kim

    Is there a way to switch master accounts between users? I have two users that have the opposites master account set up. They need to be switched to match up correctly. How can it be done when if I delete a user I lose all the game data?


  • Dab

    My PS3 80G won’t work anymore. It turns on because I see the green light, but it won’t show up on the TV. All connections were checked and even hooked up to another TV. Anyone know what may be causing this?

    • carlos

      turn it on, but keep pressing the power button until it beeps again.

    • Yoshi Oreo

      It may be bad wire in the Video and Audio plugins on the tv. Mine is like that too, so I had to stick something in between and bam, it works. :)

  • slimstevey2

    i am very annoyed with psn at moment,every night i play my ps3 i get thrown off the network at least 4 times a night.wondering if i should sell the bloody thin bcause ive tried contacting playstation to resolve the problem but no-one seems to want to help!!

  • Gatobob

    So I can’t make an account because it won’t accept anything as a name. I mean anything. Random keyboard mashing – no. The name I want – no. The name I want with asterisks and numbers – no.

    And I just noticed that the button to get to page one of the comments on this page doesn’t work. Clap clap Playstation. Clap clap.

  • the don

    my psn i m getting error u cannout use playstation network with this account my ps3 is from US and my account too but i live in doha qatar middel east i called sony thay sead its ur internet bu its not if some one can call sony for me and say its his ps3 coz thay only help US people if u help me to unban my ps3 ill reword u (((((((((((((((((50$)))))))))) psn card for free i m waiting from 35 day :(

  • harry uk

    you need ro change the packet sizes or if i recall mtu settings
    search with google ,i had same issues as you and i managed to resolve them pretty esily .you might need laptop or pc .you are using a router i take it?

  • tom peacock

    i am using a bt home hub and all internet functions are working fine apart from i cannot sign in to playstation network anymore ????????????????????????

  • Brasse

    Hello…I have big problems to buy from Playstation Store, I buy with my E-Card, and this is an Mastercard. The point to have a E-card it´s more secure to have, becuse I load my card with money everytime I will use it, and I also choise how long I will have my card valid. Everytime I got a new E-card, I also got a new cardnumber, year and mounth, and CVC2 number. After that I change my playstation accountinformation, also on my masteraccount with the new information I got from my new E-card, but this is big problems to make this work…what can I do to make this to work?..pleas help me!

  • Yazid

    Why can’t Sony create a more uniform PSN without all the countries availability and stuff. When can we expect all unfortunate Sony PS3 owners be able to use their hard-earned PS3 consoles fully? Some of the reasons I bought PS3 were Playstation Store and Playstation Home functions. I don’t want to create a US account with US address just to access them. Will there be legal actions taken if I did that? This whole networking thing and living on the grid scare me like Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines.

    • the don

      nothing will happend i m using US account i live in qatar so enjoy do anything u want

  • Mike

    What are the symbols allow when creating an PSN ID?
    space and “.” accepted?

  • hangar

    i want to change my account details but my bro is on the ps3
    so i go on the comp but it says “account name and password do not match try again and my email adrress suddenly dissapears but my password stays. What should i do?

  • Mike Smith


    I’m developing an Linux front end to run under other OS on the PS3 and I need to know the address of the PSN sign in that the PS3 uses.

    This is the PSN PC sign in

    What’s the address/URL to the PS3 sign on?

    Please Mail me on:

    Best Regards,
    Mike Smith

  • snowblind7

    im having problems signing into psn…..i get dsn errors and check ur settings crap messages from it…it works every once in a while…HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!

  • snowblind7

    it also loggs me out when i am playing sometimes………help plz….games played: little big planet,skate 2,motorstorm pacific rift,civ. rev.,007 quantum of solace,battlefield bad company,and some others>>>>>:D<<<<<

    • Flame

      There seems to be ongoing stability problems with the PSN. Have to wait until Sony improve the service I guess.

    • Yoshi Oreo

      Yeah it does that to me sometimes. It’s just the server. Even the million dollar severs with high speed internet drop on the PSN. XD

  • chris

    my ps3 broke and sony have given me a new one to replace it, but i have forgotten my password and recivery questions answer, and i would like to know is there anyway i could recover my online acount? (think its called a psn lol) thanks.

  • JD

    Okay I have a question that even sony techs cant answer.I just got my ps3 back from service after having a power up issue.Now I cannot log onto psn.It tells me my email/password is incorrect (which it is correct)or its being in use on another system.I did recieve my old ps3 60g back.They suggested to sign up onto another account but that just made things worse.I tried to do a system restore and leave it off for 24hrs as sony suggested (no dice)and then they said they were re-setting my old account(no dice again).They say that they found my old account and all my records but cant understand why I cant log on.Now all my account records of what i payed to download are gone.Help…Iam getting really pissed off with my ps3 and sony !!!

  • Julie

    Is it necessary to update my sign in email on PS3, if that email address doesnt exist no more. I seem to be able to log on to the account management with no problem, even tho I know that email address is not valid. What is the purpose of the sign in email addresses that we had to give when creating a profile.

  • Encore 360

    hello im encore thats also my online id but my psn keeps on signing me out i dont know what i should do even when im signing in. heeeeelp!

  • Canadian Playstation

    I’m getting a DNS Error (8002AF02) Does anybody know how to fix this or what it is?