Change your PSN avatar

When we created bob556677’s account he ended up with a pink avatar ūüėĮ . The poor bloke wants a new one! Learn how to choose a new avatar for your Playstation Network account.

Before you begin

This guide assumes you have a PSN (Playstation Network) account already. If not, read our guide on signing up to PSN!

Steps to change your avatar

  1. Sign in to your account (if not already), and choose Account Management from the “Playstation Network” menuScreenshot
  2. Select Account ManagementScreenshot
  3. Select Edit online profileScreenshot
  4. Select a new avatar from the many optionsScreenshot
  5. Create a profile. Select ContinueScreenshot
  6. Online profile updated successfully. Select ContinueScreenshot
  7. The new avatar icon is now showing in the XMB menu! (bob556677 is very happy with the MotorStorm logo.)Screenshot


  • Playstation Network menu: Account management
  • 02 - Account management
  • 03 - Account management menu
  • 04 - Select avatar
  • 05 - Profile
  • 06 - Success
  • 07 - The new icon avatar showing in XMB

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  • Joao Naves

    I bought two avatars on PSN, but when I go into account management / avatar, they are not there.
    Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone know how I can fix? 

    • iowa1984

      under premium avatars

  • Tategraham39


  • Tt

    are avatars free

    • Fern

      I thin k most are, if not just have to dodge them!

  • Joesuphbrookind

    you are fags

  • Joesuphbrookin

    get alife

  • bennieboy50

    Thanks man!

  • Liamboyle1

    is there a way that i can upload an avatar from my pc to my ps3 using usb stick in the same way you do it as a theme or that ??? 

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  • Raida20

    How do I get an avatar NOT from the list the ps3 home gives?

  • iowa1984

    they need to come up up with some more avatars to choose from to go with the games we play should come with avatars since they install to the hdd anyways

  • 7SpookY9

    I know that sony didn’t allow for players all over the world to put their own avatar in their psn acount,but the truth is that they also sould give those for free.Seriously now 2 bucks for one lousy kilobite icon now they also sell those in packs,i would be allright if they give each pack about 50 cents but 2-3 bucks for an icon is stealing our pockets.