Change user picture

User accounts are given a default grey smiley face for their picture (icon/avatar). We explain how to select a new one—either another preset image or your own photo!


  1. Log in to the user you wish to change the picture of Screenshot
  2. Highlight the user in the “Users” menu and press your controller’s Triangle button to get the options for the user and choose “Information” Screenshot
  3. Press your controller’s X button to edit the current picture Screenshot
  4. You can now browse the preset images of which there are several colour variations but only three designs. If you have your own photos stored on your PS3 you may want to browse them instead, so select “Select from [Photo]”. Otherwise select a preset image that appeals to you Screenshot
  5. If you chose to browse photos you will see the usual folder presentation Screenshot. When you find a photo you like, select it Screenshot
  6. The picture will now have changed in your account information page Screenshot
  7. Select Back to return to the menu (XMB) where the new picture will now be showing! Screenshot


  • 01 - Log in to user account
  • 02 - Select the "information" option
  • 03 - Edit the current picture
  • 04 - Browse preset images
  • 05 - Browse photos by choosing “Select from [Photo]”
  • 06 - Select a photo
  • 07 - Picture now changed
  • 08 - New picture showing in XMB

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  • k dub

    how do i get new psn avatars?

  • Try our other article: Change your PSN avatar

  • Paul

    Once you’ve assigned a photo, you can delete it from your albums. This means yo don’t have to clutter your family photos with silly pictures you want as user images.

  • Paul

    The best images to use are PNG type. The PS3 will display the image including any transparency in the image. The image can be any (reasonable size) as it will scale it to suit.

  • Brandon

    I would like to make my own avatar…anybody know what dimensions they should be?

    • See Paul’s comment above. It can be any dimensions – the PS3 will resize/scale it to best fit.

  • This is fine, but after creating an avatar of the scottish flag, it shows, but not online, do i need to sell my ps3 due to it being so crap, or sell the os I created for it?

  • when i click information and it selects it there is only a back option there is no edit option?????

    • dent2

      Same thing here until quit the game I was in.

  • Bob

    to: Venom-I have the same issue! I need help!!

  • Tivor

    Bob & Venom – As it says on Step 1, you can only change the user icon of the account you’re currently using. Simply log into the account you wish to change the user icon, and go from there.

    • Itz_reckless247

      Help…i changed password for login on ps3 home BIG MISTAKE..and i lost all saved after recreating her now im being called a guy cause my profile pic is a male…idk but its insane any suggestions on how to change pic on ps3home profile…tyvm

  • John


  • King Emanuel

    I have like 4 years with my ps3 and i breadly saw yesterday in youtube a video with a diferent picture in their user, and didn’t know eader that it says “select from present image” so know i’am changing my picture. 🙂

  • Max

    you need to download them

  • ninetails465

    its not working T-T

  • Ameentiger

    it so esay changeing user name picture so you dont have to tell people how to do it. to BOB

  • Matthew Spruell

    I need help !!

  • matt

    how do you do it with a usb from taking a picture from the internet putting it on your usb then putting it on that way.Can’t figure it out.

    • silleren

      You have to copy the picture from your usb to your ps3. If you press triangle when you look at the picture you wanna use on your ps3 from the usb, you can press triangle and say copy.