Folder structure

Reference for the folder structure used on a removable USB storage device (flash drive, external hard-drive). The correct structure is essential when copying certain files to the PS3.

    • Album Name (when copying whole album to drive)
      • Song title 01.mp3
      • Song title 02.mp3
    • Song from another album.mp3 (when copy individual songs)
    • CIMG1387.JPG
  • PS3
    • EXPORT
      • BACKUP (created via PS3 backup feature)
        • 200911131808 (date backup was performed, format=YYYYMMDDHHMM)
          • archive.dat
          • archive_00.dat
          • archive_[XX].dat
          • archive2.dat
          • archive2_00.dat
          • archive2_[XX].dat
      • PSV (PS1/PS2 game saves)
        • BESLES-544543032.PSV
    • SAVEDATA (PS3 game saves)
      • BCES00001_PROFILE
        • ICON0.PNG
        • PARAM.PFD
        • PARAM.SFO
        • PROFILE.SAV
        • ICON0.PNG
        • ICON1.PAM
        • PARAM.PFD
        • PARAM.SFO
        • PIC1.PNG
        • SND0.AT3
        • USERDATA.DAT
    • THEME (new in firmware 2.0)
      • themename.p3t
    • UPDATE (firmware update file)
      • PS3UPDAT.PUP
    • Name_of_video.mp4
  • Dsaa

    what is folders tructure

  • *Sexy_Girl*

    what about the add-ons
    were would they be?
    if they were in these folders

    • zapzpter

      game data not game save

  • Billylong23

    yea what folder do i put my dopwnloaded games in o play on ps3 plese email me at

  • Gamecraz

    does your ps3 save your internet code that you put in when you disable it so then you can reconnect it no problem?

  • Soupdip

    Silly question I’ve created the hard drive and my ps3 sees all the folders, but I’m not sure why when loading a new game it says I’m out of disk space.  Any thoughts are welcomed.  Thanks!

  • Malecki John

    Hi, here’s the deal i know how to hook up the psp to the os3 and copy saved games but i can not get the saved ps3 games to work on the psp or even show up in the right place what am i missing? what do i have to do to use say a madden 12 save data from my ps3 on my psp?

  • doc10

    I’m trying to get some of my old game saves off gamefaqs and put them on the internal memory card of my ps3 , but my ps3 won’t read my flash drive. its formatted in FAT32 and i follow the folder structure….any ideas?

    • Bwatson151

      try FAT not fat32 , thats the format ps3 uses cause fat32 won’t read any file bigger then 4gb

  • All

    fat32, i have it on a 3tb hard drive no probs at all…

    • Soupdip

      If I may ask was your PS3 out of space?  Mine is out of space, however the external hard drive, which is FAT32 format and my ps3 reads, still doesn’t let me play new games until i delete items to free up space.  Might you know if I am doing something wrong, or is the external hard drive just good for storing photos, videos and stuff like that?  Thanks!

  • Johnsmith

    i got a ps3 game on my mac and i’m trying to play it on my ps3–does anybody know the procedure on how to run it on the ps3? thanks

  • Davidbracken

    any one know to to solve the 80710D36 error playstationnetwork

  • Aman Jhawar

    THANK U !
    i was searching for this for a long time !!!!!!!

    • zapzpter

      fat32 won’t take bigger then 4gb so you have to use FAT

      • Anonymous

        Other way around 🙂

  • Dennyedunn

    Format you hard drives in FAT format not FAT32. I did this with my Mac. I have a 2 TB hard drive that my Mac, PC, and PS3 can all three read and write.

  • Starscream2014

    im sorry but how do u put games on a ps3 di=o uu have 2 jailbreak or what email me at

    • What do you mean? You buy games from your local shop or from the Playstation Store.

    • zapzpter

      no its easy as , you just need homebrew and and a another drive , but just get them from psn you don’t use a disc

    • viper

      to run games u need to mod(jailbreak) console, which is a form of hacking and tampering with the software/hardware and its a crime. sony sued someone for doing it. also no guarentee it works, you can brick the ps3 (totally blocked and never works again)

  • Tonimatthew07

    im sorry  but what should i do?i follow all the format needed to put videos on my ps3 but i doesn’t seem to be working.

    • Robert654a

       if you formatted the drive for FAT32 , rename the drive (fat32 HD) to -> (PS3) and then this artical for folder naming.

  • Lyulyu

    informasi iki bener-bener ono manfaate yakin sung, matur nuwun [speak javanese]

    • Wongjowoedan

      haha wong jowo ko nimbrung2 rene, haha (javanese)

  • Dporter21

    What is the best Game on PS3 now 

  • Northwesternballers

    If I make a HD file with h.264 avc1 mp4 vid codec, how do I get closed captioning CC? Any help would be appreciated!

    • Northwesternballers

      I knows this is a difficult question since I want to use an external SSD, but I have files over 4GB and and thats why i need to use NTSC (NTSC for mac) format for large high definition video s. I found a player that can accept ntfs but it is only a player not q game console! If anyone knows abot diferent video codecs and specs for hd videos ands this, then I could really use some advice on some other things and in may b able to help u.

  • pulchritude

    how would you save a game? which folder should it be saved?

    • Are you asking about PS3 games? You don’t need to worry about folders – the games just save in a special Save Data location.

  • Dave Bell

    This is just the detail I needed.

    The allowed video filenames include .divx and .avi for DivX format

    The 4GB limit on individual files would be a long video with MP4-level compression.

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  • Jonathan

    I have 2 questions: 1) I have a lot of pictures and videos on my PS3 and want to structure them into folders from each event they were from, how do I create the folders? 2) I do not have wifi so I have not set up a PS3 account yet BUT my mate who has, logged into his account on my PS3 and now I cannot create an account?? how do I fix this?

    • 1) There is some automatic grouping if you go to the Video menu and press Square I think it is – repeatedly pressing will cycle through the different group modes. If you want to make your own folders… you won’t like it – you have to go to each photo/video, press Triangle to bring up options, choose Information, then enter the “Album”.

      2) You’re stuffed. Lots of people complain about this. Once a PSN account is associated with your PS3 User they can’t be separated. The only way you can make an account is by first creating a new User. But then of course you lose you trophies etc.

      • viper

        your trophies are synced to psn, they are allways there and never get deleted unless your psn account gets banned(you cant access, but not deleted).
        save data on ps3 user(NOT PSN) will be lost only if u delete the user/format ps3 etc.
        psn –> user 1 psn = 1 user account
        you can also have 2 consoles with same username and psn(but only log in one at a time or other one signs out)

        ”Once a PSN account is associated with your PS3 User they can’t be separated.” yes they can, but in the process you change user/create new one for the same psn, you cant use the old user. Effectively you can delete the old user account and make a new one for the same psn, but you loose your save data (game profile, settings, progress etc)

  • Paulupiny

    can you transfer music from ps3 to ipod shuffle 1st gen everytime i try the files wont play

  • Joshua

    I’ve downloaded PS3 game and i don’t know the steps to copy it in my PS3 .. can anyone help please ?? thanks

    • If you’re trying to pirate games we can’t help you.

  • webou812

    I’ve got 2 PS3 systems, one in living room mainly for movies, and blue rays, and one in my man cave for gaming. One is a 250gb, the other 160gb. I just joined PlayStation Plus (love it) and my 250gb of course is now acting weird. For awhile I had the slow XMB issue, and I did everything from restore file structure, and everything else in the safe menu, including saying the hell with it, and reformatted the HD and then downloaded everything I bought all over again. I also bought Tomb Raider on sale on the PSN and it wouldn’t play after installing it. I downloaded it on my 160gb PS3 and it plays with No Problems it works fine. So here’s my question/s I don’t want to trade in my 250gb and have to buy another PS3, I’ve seen the posts on here about external USB drives, my question are:

    1. Can I copy a game from my PS3 to my USB drive for storage purposes only, not to play it off the drive? Just to free up room, and then I would not have to download the game all over again which in some cases takes a long time? ( IF So ) can I then recopy the game from my USB Drive back to my PlayStation and then be able to play it? If the answer is YES, then how do I do this?
    2. Or can you think of anything else I might try to do in fixing my PS3 250gb? Don’t get me wrong everything else seems to be working ok, but I’m afraid to download hundreds of Gigs of stuff to it again and then have it crap out on me? I thought of trying to take it out of the PS3, get a SATA cable and connect it to my PC, and run CHDDSK on it, then reformat it, and then put it back into the PS3? Would this make any difference?
    I might also get so frustrated as to say the hell with all of it, and go trade it in on another PS3?… would prefer not to, if you can help?

    • gamewin1

      1. no you would have to jailbreak it which requires getting into all kinds of shit and learning a lot more about the ps3. and in the end u prob wouldnt get what u expected. just quicker to go n redownload anyway

      2. the ps3 hdd is encrypted so you would not be able to run chkdsk on it, although you should be able to just reformat it and reinstall ur firmware on it

  • Ben Fox-Moore

    Can anyone help me with the full details of the files in the BACKUP folder? I backed up my PS3 but then managed to delete the partition. I’ve managed to recover the files, but they’ve all been given generic names.

    There are 46 files of exactly a 1GB, 1 file of 450MB (I think this is the final dat file, which is why it’s smaller) and 1 file of 32KB – but I’m not sure what file that was. Any ideas?

  • edjr3rd

    where exactly would you put .pkg files?

  • JAN


  • ProblemChild

    Ok so I’ve recently recieved a 500gb external hard drive, and it’s forrmated right. But my ps3 will not let me save anything to it, it says I’m out of space. Which I am, on my internal hard drive. Anyone know what’s wrong?

    • An external hard drive is only used for putting pictures/movies/songs etc onto. It won’t be used by the PS3 for storing digital games. Generally if you need more space you would replace the internal hard drive. There are youtube vids and guides about that. Bear in mind that you will lose all the data on the PS3 (game saves etc).

  • Farrell Spence-Henderson

    I have tried this on two ps3 now and both say no media present? My friend is able to watch anything off hard drive yet i get nothing???

  • Farrell Spence-Henderson

    hang on am i ment to put all sub folders in ps3 folder as i have been doing?

  • Farrell Spence-Henderson

    damn all these years i finally worked it out…

  • ck_dexter_haven

    Does anyone know how to control which folders load first? I have five folders of videos in my “VIDEO” folder. Each of those five folders has a name to describe the category, such as “Sports” or “Instructional” or “Documentary.” There are a LOT of videos in each folder — like 100 or more. When the PS3 is loading the preview icons (which indicate readiness to play), it loads one folder first, then moves on to another folder, then another. But, there doesn’t seem to be an alpha or numerical order to how they’re loaded. I don’t think it has anything to do with when the folders are created. I’d like to be able to determine the order.

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